Two key challenges for chimeric antibody receptor (CAR) T cell therapies for cancers are: The toxicities from targeting non-cancer-specific antigens. And the relapses from antigen-loss-variants (ALVs). In this study, we have shown that a CAR derived from an Ab, 237, which exclusively bound to COSMC mutant cancers expressing murine podoplanin (mPDPN), can successfully eradicate established human cancers not carrying mPDPN in vivo by targeting multiple different Tn-glycopeptide antigens resulted from the cancer-specific COSMC mutation. We have demonstrated that the recognition by 237CART was not only relied on the carbohydrate moiety but also the fit of the peptide backbone, which could tolerate substitutions of up to 5 of the 7 AA residues in the 237Ab binding epitope. Overall, our work has demonstrated a new principle whereby minimizing relapses by simultaneous targeting of multiple different cancer-specific Ags by a single CAR, and the potential of using 237CART for treating Tn-glycosylated human cancers.



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