About Knowledge@UChicago

Knowledge@UChicago is a service managed in the Library to preserve and share the scholarly and creative assets of the University. The institutional repository is supported through a collaboration between the Library and IT Services at the University of Chicago.

Making your work available in Knowledge@UChicago has multiple benefits:

Content included in Knowledge@UChicago includes (but is not limited to):

Please review the detailed policies that guide Knowledge@UChicago at this page.

How to Add Your Work

  1. Click on "login" in the upper right hand corner of the homepage.
  2. If you are a University of Chicago user, click on the login button under "CNetID / UCHADID:".
  3. Enter your University of Chicago credentials.
  4. Click on "Submit" in the header.
  5. Choose the item type that you are submitting to the repository.
  6. Complete the submission form, providing as much information about your item as possible. If your item has been previously published and has an existing DOI or identifier, you can pull the information about your item into the form by adding the identifier in the "Import Metadata Record" field.
  7. After completing the form, click the green "Submit" button on the bottom of the screen. You will receive an email notification that your item has been received.
  8. Knowledge@UChicago administrators will review your submission within one business day and notify you by email about whether the item has been accepted or if changes are needed.

Writing a Data Management Plan

Researchers are invited to discuss with library staff about meeting data sharing requirements through Knowledge@UChicago. The following language can be adapted for researchers developing data management plans:

Research outputs will be preserved and shared with the public via Knowledge@UChicago, the University of Chicago institutional repository. Knowledge@UChicago is managed by the University Library and uses a cloud based hosted repository service called TIND as its platform. TIND is based on the Invenio software originally developed at the research institute CERN to manage its own scholarly output.

TIND uses an OAIS compliant approach to preservation, with redundancy backup, conversion to archival file formats, storage of archival packages on geographically separated servers, and fixity checking. To support discoverability and citation, DOIs are minted for deposits made to Knowledge@UChicago through the DataCite Fabrica service.


What kind of content can I add to Knowledge@UChicago?

A variety of content - so long as it is scholarly and digital in nature. Examples of content that you can deposit include:

Who can add their work?

Users can deposit by logging in to Knowledge@UChicago with their active CNetIDs. Alumni and affiliated users are invited to contact us for help depositing.

Who can read deposited work?

Your work will have broad reach! Anyone with internet access will be able to read works deposited in Knowledge@UChicago, which means that deposit will fulfill open access requirements of many granting agencies.

What about copyright?

Depositing your work in Knowledge@UChicago does not require you to transfer copyright to the university. Please read the deposit agreement for more information.

There are a number of UChicago resources available for determining copyright, including the Copyright Information Center. If your work has been previously published and you transferred copyright to the publisher, you will have to investigate your agreement to determine whether you can make your work available through Knowledge@UChicago. Use SHERPA/RoMEO or check your publisher's website for publisher copyright and permission policies. If you are unsure, please contact us for help.

How can I create a new collection for my center or institute?

Knowledge@UChicago is organized around collections, which provide a way to view the work that is associated with a specific unit on campus. We are happy to create a collection for your center or institute. Please contact us with your request.

Can I limit access to my submission to University of Chicago users only?

Knowledge@UChicago is an open access repository and the Library recommends public access to your work. However, the repository allows for access to files to be limited to campus. While the record will be public, users will have to log-in with their CNetID to download or view your files if you select the limited to campus option. This option appears when users click on the "Upload new file" button.