Institutional Repository Policies

This page overviews policies that guide Knowledge@UChicago, the University of Chicago's institutional repository.


Contributors to Repository

Scope of Deposited Content

Supported Content Types

The following content types are among those that will be accepted:

This is a non-exhaustive list. Contributors are welcome to deposit content that can be characterized as "scholarly, creative, research-related, or teaching resources" and to contact us with any questions about materials.

Access to Deposited Content

All deposited content will be made available to the public, except when forbidden by contracts, rights, or when embargoed for a limited time.

File formats

The Knowledge@UChicago team will work to recognize and support as many file formats as possible. All formats can be deposited, but users should consider submitting their files in formats that are open, sustainable, and well-used in their fields. The following formats are preferred for preservation reasons:


All deposits are considered permanent. Content may be removed in exceptional circumstances, in which case only the record will remain with the following message: “Item withdrawn by the University of Chicago. If you have any questions, please contact”


The contributor must either hold the copyright, or the right to deposit, for all contributed content. If the deposited content is unpublished, the Library recommends using a Creative Commons license. By depositing their work, the contributor agrees to give the University only the non-exclusive right to disseminate and preserve the content. Preservation may require reproducing the content in different formats to ensure future accessibility.


Whenever a user visits the Library's website, certain information is gathered and stored automatically. This information does not generally identify the user personally. Information that is automatically collected and stored when visiting the repository site includes:

This automatically collected information is only used internally for technical troubleshooting, to monitor compliance with the University of Chicago Policy on Information Technology Use and Access, to improve the usability of our website, and to record aggregate statistics.

Personal information submitted by users: The system collects personal information submitted during the deposit process and when subscribing to the repository’s alerting service

Submitted information will be used only for the purpose for which you submitted it, with the exception that the Library may make reasonable statistical reports that do not identify particular individuals. The Library does not share this information with private organizations or allow it to be used for commercial purposes. The Library does contract with Application Service Providers (ASPs) to provide some services, but the Library requires application service providers to respect the confidentiality of the information placed on hosted servers. While we may disclose information about use of the Library in aggregate (such as server use statistics), we will not disclose to unaffiliated parties any information that could be used to identify individuals or their use of Library resources, except as required by University policies or as mandated by law.

Please see the Library’s Privacy Policy for more information.