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Reading a Radical Thinker: A Study on Sayyid Qutb,By Laith Saud ,This thesis examines Sayyid Qutb’s writings in various contexts in order to explicate more complex meanings in his work often over looked. For decades scholarship on Qutb has more or less focused on him as a ‘fundamentalist,’ Islamist or salafi. In this thesis, I examine Qutb according to essentially three rubrics: Comparative political theory, Islamic thought and radical thought. In so doing, many of the labels ascribed to Qutb, such as ‘fundamentalist,’ compel definition and, more often than not, are exposed as disposable since they do not mean much in a comparative context when applied to Qutb.,Committee Members,Orit Bashkin (Chicago); Scott Hibbard (DePaul); John Woods (Chicago)


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