The publishers and providers of e‐journals take great pride in the diverse designs of their websites. Yet how these websites present, identify, and link together the publications that they display can make the end‐user task of discovering articles and accessing them easy, frustrating, or completely fruitless. In 2010, NISO established a workgroup to draft recommended practice guidelines for the presentation and identification of e‐journals (PIE‐J) to help publishers ensure that e‐journal content can be reliably discovered, cited, and accessed by users over time. The recommended practice guidelines emphasize the need to retain the original title and citation information across all journal formats and provide constructive advice to help with the presentation of born‐digital content as well as to support the continued digitization of content from journals originally published only in print.  The guidelines will be presented to attendees of this session, along with information on how the guidelines were drafted and how the guidelines relate to other standards and best practices.




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