The thesis attempts to showcase why the upcoming multipolarity will have a different texture than the historic multipolar systems of the past. The thesis deviates from existing literature in its definition of what the future multipolarity will mean and what it will entail. Utilizing the concept of "assabiya" propagated by Ibn Khaldun, the thesis tries to exhibit the multiple ways the current hegemon, the US, has exerted its influence over certain other nations to maintain and solidify its position. The seeds planted from the time of the second great war to the unipolar moment and its resulting path dependency have created a group of countries that binds to the center of the order, i.e., the US, and collectively deter the rise of any power beyond the walls of this order. It is due to that the thesis displays that the upcoming multipolarity will have a different character and, in many ways, will function like a heavily tilted multipolarity, where the US will have an edge. The thesis highlights that the US-led "assabiya" will not only be able to sustain itself but will proactively, collectively, deter the rise of China.



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