With the growing “beautification” and development of Chicago neighborhoods, many communities in the north and west sides have begun to lose their people and identity. This analysis aims to understand how Chicago’s community-based organizations, CBOs, within Logan Square and Pilsen have attempted to combat the effects of gentrification on their neighborhoods. This topic is important to consider in order to understand how different organizations have approached the issues of displacement and identity-loss and what efforts they have made in order to mitigate, combat, or reverse them. By utilizing a mixed-methods approach, I find that the role of a CBO is to provide residents with goods and services they cannot get otherwise, keeping residents informed on the on-goings of their neighborhoods, and creating a space where residents can not only express their opinions on those changes but also learn how to best navigate around them. Thus, it is recommended that local governments work closer with CBOs in order to support their work and to gain a deeper understanding of the concerns of the residents.




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